13 Vegan Halloween Savory Recipes

A Roundup of 13 of the cutest Vegan Halloween Savory Recipes for your dinner party. We have easy, healthy, fast and simple. All cute and creative treats.

If you are anything like me you find and crave lots of spooky-cute-yummy Sweet Halloween recipes. Not so many savory ones thou… However a party is not only sweets and treats, not even Halloween.

Check out our 13 ideas and get sorted. But if you still insist on jumping to dessert, we can help you with 20 Sweets and 22 Cupcakes, all Halloween food.

1👻Eyeball Pasta by MapleSpice

I just love how this looks so cool but you don’t even have to cook anything specific. It is all about the serving. And what effect!

And for a complete start to our list the link above offers a sweet treat and a spooky drink to sort your whole dinner in one post.

2👻Spooky Black Bean Hummus by FatFreeVegan

Here we have one of the healthiest ideas, without loosing on the taste. Also really versatile. Any cracker, tortilla, chips, potatoes….you pick. And your Halloween party food options are unlimited.

And again it is just something simple arranged the right way.

3👻Spooky Skull Vegan Pot Pie by HealthySlowCooking

If you are prepared enough with an skull mold or if you’re planning on some next day delivery, luck you! It certainly gives you a ton more of possibilities to play with food.

But the nicest thing I have found in this recipe post is that they actually give you another way to decorate a pay baked in a simple pan. Decorated the spooky way too.

Anyway you get a cute and spooky Halloween savory and tasty treat.

4👻Mummy English Muffin Pizza by VeggiesSavetheDay

Making with English muffins makes it tastier. You can also make with polenta, as suggested.

Another nice detail is to use the olives stuffed for the eyes.

Only few ingredients and you can have a fast and all-pleasing Halloween food treat.

5👻Dia de los Muertos Hummus Dip by ForkandBeans

Feeling artistic?

Simple yet Gorgeously impressive. For me is a winner. Simple, low-cost, tasty, versatile, fun to make and makes for a whole Halloween party table’s decoration.

Take a look at the step-by-step picture guide on the site and you will be convinced this Halloween recipe is worth trying.

6👻Vegan Cheese Ball Pumpkin by VeganRicha

Talking about impressive. This Halloween recipe is gluten-free, oil-free and soy-free. Easy to make and you can shape into anything in 5 seconds.

It really tastes good and makes for such a cute and classy Halloween savory treat. Or Fall…or Thanksgiving…or because it just tastes so good and you feel like it!

7👻Witchy Guacamole Dip by ForkandBeans

Even thou the bigger platters are impressive I like a lot the idea of smaller ones like this.

A few different dips and chips (play with colors here), some sliced veggies and you have fun making, Halloween decorated and satisfying eating.

Halloween savory recipes sorted with a smile.

8👻Pizza Pepper Jacks by Spabettie

Another allergen-friendly option with no oil, soy-free and gluten-free.

Plus the cuteness and the pizza flavor.

Not a boring recipe at all, I might add. Can easily become one of your best can’t-say-it’s-vegan dishes. As a Halloween treat is just great.

9👻Mummy Balls and Mummy Dogs by WorldofVegan

Oh, how much the kids will love this one!

And considering that this is probably the easiest to take away vegan Halloween food recipe we can find, winner.

Not to mention cute, low-cost, super fast and easy. Certainly a Halloween savory treat you’ll be making in double next year.

10👻Pasta Stuffed Jack – o’ – Lanterns by HealthfulPersuit

Another Jack O’Lantern because, why not?

The fun about this one is that the “insides” are supposed to be falling out. Just be creative and stuff them with something that will certainly come from the oven pouring from their mouths, I dare ya!

11👻Halloween Pizzas by VeganRicha

Another hands-on play with your food allowed.

With very few ingredients, just by changing shapes, you can have menu of spooky creatures.

Vegan Halloween food fun! And the crust recipe is worth taking a look too. Healthier than they look, these spooky babies.

12👻Mashed Potato Ghosts of Halloweegans Present and Past by WingItVegan

Might be my favorite Halloween recipe here because I just love the creativity.

Basically we have mashed potatoes, with eyes, and they can be placed pretty much everywhere (on every dish, I mean) and it looks fantastically Halloweeny.

Just jump over to the site and see all the Vegan Halloween dishes they’ve decorated with these ghosts👻

13👻Jack O’Lanterns Smiley Fries by KitchenWindowClovers

These are more delicious than you’d think and are secretly super healthy.

The kids will love for sure and I think they look so classy too as a side to a Halloween dinner party and even Thanksgiving. Because you will want them again.

I really hope the list has inspired you to enjoy the Halloween fun. What better way than with Halloween food?

And don’t forget to check out the 20 Vegan Halloween Dessert Treats and 22 Vegan Halloween Cupcakes. All super cute, many healthy and gluten-free options. All super Halloweeny!

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