20 Vegan Halloween Dessert Treats Recipes

Some sweet-spooky-funny Halloween inspiration coming your way! We have healthy and indulgent, scary and funny, challenging or super easy. All vegan, delicious and festive. Check it out!

1🎃Vegan Halloween Pudding Cups by NamelyMarly

Here we have chocolate, Oreo cookies, candy pumpkin. And is really cute. Another plus is how easy to make and to set up this is.

If you feel a little extra creative, try different containers.

2🎃Raw Halloween Cookies by EatGood4Life

The raw option is here too. And these cuties are also gluten-free. One of the healthier cookies recipes you’ll find. And look the effect some round shaped cookies with eyes and some chocolate drizzle can make. These certainly leave some space for creativity too.

3🎃Vegan Ice cream Batwitches by VeganDollHouse

Ice cream late October? Yes, please! Don’t be judgy, as promised, something for everyone. Believe me, you won’t regret.

And if you can’t find the cutter, I have done the cookies cutting with a knife. And let me tell you, I can’t draw a little house for the life of me. When it comes to Halloween, the imperfect just adds personality.

4🎃Creepy Halloween Candy Creatures by MasalaHerb

I have 1 word for you. Marzipan. Not acquainted yet? Here is an excellent opportunity. Easier to mold and healthier than fondant. Tastier too, if you ask me.

Not convinced to try? Look at those pictures! Worms look amazing. So, go have some fun.

5🎃Blood Cups for Halloween by ElephantasticVegan

Gluten-free. Only 3 ingredients.

Use Halloween as an excuse to try and you will have a treat to go to all year round.

6🎃Witch Finger Cookies by FoodFaithFitness

These are not only gluten-free but paleo too. Healthier for sure.

And how good they look. I mean, just look at the bloody fingernails.

7🎃Nakd Graveyard Chocolate Mousse Pots by WallflowerKitchen

Another one? Not exactly. This one has a twist and is another raw option.

I just love how creative-creepy are the little flowers on the tombstone.

8🎃Hemp Marzipan Superfood Monsters by VeganFoodandLiving

Well, Marzipan. If you were not personally convinced to try it by recipe number 4, maybe with this one you can think about how much potential fun it is for the children in your life (or maybe just the one inside you).

And, as said before, a healthier option too.

9🎃Vegan Pastry Voodoo Dolls by LoveisinmyTummy

How creepy I find them! Love it!

And, if you check the recipe, you’ll see they are much easier to make than they look. Quite impressive.

10🎃Candy Skull Crushers by WallflowerKitchen

Let’s start with raw and gluten-free. Dairy, soy and grain-free too. And Paleo.

Other than the ice cube mold, it takes little effort and a few ingredients.

11🎃Mummied Bananas by ViedelaVegan

What a cute idea. The bananas have expressions!

This is made with puffy pastry. So all you need is some fruit to wrap. Kids will love it! Making and eating.

And for the record, sultanas make good ghostly eyes, don’t they?

12🎃Halloween Gingerbread Skeletons by DonnaHay

A classic.

Another one of those recipes that you will probably take with you for other occasions.

Great as little festive gifts too.

13🎃Silly Apple Bites by ForkandBeans

So allergen-free. So silly. So easy.

Great as a party treat or even as a nice way to make kids eat more fruit. Fun to make it, super nice to look at and good for you. Winner.

14🎃Frankenstein Brown Rice Krispie Treats by ForkandBeans

Another super creative and gluten-free Halloween treat from Fork and Beans.

Few ingredients and a lot of fun. And the egg box is also an idea you can use for many other goods on the stick. It doesn’t hurt to recycle.

15🎃Scare Up Some Berry Good Sweets by BitterSweetBlog

Less than 10 ingredients and these little flying scary cuties can be in your kitchen.

Nice party treats or even little Halloween themed gifts. And the recipe can be adapted to any mold, any season, any holiday.

Always nice to have a healthier sweet.

16🎃Tangerine Pumpkins & Banana Ghosts by Flo&Grace

Talking about healthy…we have a winner.

When it comes to healthy, easy, affordable and pretty. A total winner for fuss-free and fun.

17🎃Gluten-Free Vegan Mummy Cookies by SarahBakesGFree

I have a soft spot for the mummy disguised Halloween treats. And so far this cookies are still my favorite. Aren’t they perfect?

It is always useful to have a nice recipe for an staple like sugar cookies. And, as a plus, in this recipe you also learn how to make you very own eatable eyes. (taken by the previously mentioned ForkandBeans).

They are gluten-free too.

18🎃Aquafaba Meringue Cookies by VeggieFunKitchen

You should be convinced by the little spooky faces. However, if you need more reasons…Cookies + Meringue.

And, if you haven’t tried yet, aquafaba is like magic. Vegan or not you will like this cooking hack.

19🎃Purple Sweet Potato Spice Monster Vegan Halloween Biscuits by HealthySlowCooking

How’s that for not playing with your food?

It looks like modeling clay to play with, it has potential for countless Halloween (and not only) treats and is healthy.

20🎃Vampire Bite Cupcakes by VNutritionan

It is in the details, isn’t it? A classy classic. And it is in the form of a cupcake. Can’t go wrong here.

And if you haven’t made up your mind yet or just fancy cupcakes because….cupcakes. You are welcome to check my 22 Vegan Halloween Cupcake Recipes.

In need of something cute, spooky and savory this Halloween? 13 Vegan Halloween Savory Treats.

You will crave something, real soon, it’s in your future🧙🏽‍♀️

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