22 Vegan Halloween Cupcake Recipes

It is already here!!!

And if you are lacking in time to get ready for the spooky festivities, cupcakes might be your answer. They are yummy party treats, easy and fun to make and so scarily cute that can double as Halloween decoration too. This round up will inspire you with some of the best vegan options.

1🎃Coffee and Pumpkin Vegan Cupcake

Now that’s a classy start to our list.

I just love how simple they are and yet they have Halloween written all over. The colors make these sweet treats super easy to customize, they are one of the best options if you have little time and the flavors are a nice balance to the sometimes all-about-sugar holiday.

Just jump to the Bohemian Vegan Kitchen blog and you will have your Halloween and Autumn treat of choice sorted.

2🎃Gluten-Free Vegan Ghost Cupcakes

Another simplicity winner, this one from G-F Foodie. These are incredibly cute and simple, with a bit of creativity anything can be a pair of eyes.

As a huge plus these Halloween cupcakes are gluten-free too. Excellent option to engage the kids in the decoration.

And just like the first option, that you can use as a Fall themed cupcake, with a little smile and color these ghosts can easily become a birdbath party friendly face.

3🎃Vegan Tombstones Cupcakes for Halloween

These cupcakes are so much more than adorable, creative and cute. They are an adaptation of a Vegan Fudge Cake recipe from Domestic Gothess. If that doesn’t sound delicious enough for you, the stones are made of Gingerbread. Delicious!

Not to mention that they are a whole decoration on a cupcake and look like so much fun to make.

4🎃Vegan Halloween Cupcakes: Ghosts, Monsters and Bats

Here Keeping the Peas gives you 3 in 1. One easy recipe and 3 different ways to decorate all in one post. And there is an easy to follow video too. Although the 3 versions seem totally different the ingredients are not a massive list and very much fuss-free.

Allergy-friendly and Vegan and a creative way to get the kids busy for the weekend or just yourself into some baking therapy.

5🎃Vegan Halloween Spider Cupcakes

OMG these have expressions! Spiders can have cute chubby faces and these Halloween cupcakes are the proof.

I was never a big fan of spiders (it was an actual phobia for a period). So I am not exaggerating when I say that these cuties from Eat Healthy, Eat Happy were the beginning of Halloween decoration healing for me.

Now, a couple of years after seeing them for the first time, I can even add some scarier versions (at least for me…) to the list. Just keep on looking, if you dare!

6🎃Vegan Mummy Cupcakes

I know there are a lot of mummy decoration recipes around, but I was looking for easy yet cute and these, from Vegan Huggs, are a very good deal.

With these little mummies your lack of cake decorating skills are actually welcome. Any imperfections with the piping just make them more unique.

Easy, fun, cute, sorted!

7🎃Vegan Halloween Vanilla Cupcakes

Continuing the quest for easy… Little skill? No tools? No worries!

Just look at the effect of this cupcakes together. And they are not to be all equal, even or perfect. Messy is cute here.

As crazy as I am about chocolate, having a vanilla option is always nice. If in need of an extra easy vegan recipe for Halloween cupcakes, just visit the Black Homesteader and there will be no mistakes.

8🎃Vegan Halloween Cupcakes

I just liked so much the idea of the toy spiders.

They look super Halloween (may be my fear of spiders talking here), they are already ready, you can play with different colors of the insects and frosting or even different insects. And the kids will love to play with the toys after.

This is one of the best options when it comes to decoration as food, food as decoration. Try adding a few of the toys to table. Pop over to Simply Healthy Vegan for the recipe and more inspiration.

9🎃Spooky Eyeball Vegan Cupcakes

There had to be a recipe for mini cupcakes. They are born cute because of the size. And this Halloween version turning them into eyes just seem the perfect fit.

The kids will love trying to replicate the color of their eyes. Just don’t let them forget the red veins, for extra creepiness.

This recipe can be found in the VegNews magazine.

10🎃Vegan Bloody Eyeball Cupcakes

I know there are already eyeballs on this list. And the A Soy Bean blog doesn’t give you the actual cupcake recipe, however…

The lychee makes for such realistic eyes that it is actually unsettling. Yes!

With so many other recipes we can just jump over there for the creepy inspiration. The lychee effect is worth it.

11🎃Double Chocolate Vegan Ouija Cupcakes

Well, Amazon does have next day delivery. So if you are feeling inspired enough I am sure you can find some ouija board ice cube or chocolate trays.

If you don’t wan’t to go that far with your Halloween treats, this recipe might still be for you.

Create N Plate offers moist chocolate cake and naturally colored frosting goodness. Worth checking it out, even if you end up decorating with something else.

Although, the Ouija theme is so cool!

12🎃Spaghetti Monster Cupcakes: Vegan and Gluten-Free

Maybe my favorite one. Come on, it can make adults giggle!

As the Nerdy Mamma says on the post, maybe it is more hilarious than scary. But, who cares? They are monsters so I guess they do qualify for Halloween.

And as you may have to notice already, few ingredients and easy. And it is gluten-free.

13🎃Vegan Chocolate Monster Halloween Cupcakes

Don’t miss this one, taste wise is very worth it.

And the Free From Farmhouse also shows 3 other decoration ideas for the cupcakes that you can make with pretty much the same ingredients.

As everything on the blog, these are allergy-friendly.

Starting to think a whole post can be made with Oreo decorations…

14🎃Vegan Dark Chocolate Monster Cupcakes

Oh, the color! And the eyes, obviously…

I know they are called monster but I can’t help but to see little purple owls. Or is it just me?

Anyways, they are so festive, pretty and made with dark chocolate. Win,win,win.

The recipe is from the healthy and sweet NatalieJo blog.

15🎃Vegan Halloween Chocolate Cupcakes

A classic.

New and different designs are very eye-catch. But it is nice to have a nice classic recipe to inspire. And chocolate cake, black and white monster is just that.

I really like the big ghost eyes. Surely are spooky enough at their own too.

All details can be found at the Spry Living blog.

16🎃Vegan Chocolate Mummy Cupcakes

Veganosity takes the Halloween mummies to another level.

With the same ingredients and a nice tutorial you can make these pretty spooky mummies.That are pretty and spooky.

And the cake recipe is very vegan interesting. Check it out!

17🎃Vegan Halloween Cupcakes

Carrot and sultanas cupcakes.

They are not only party ready but delicious.

It is just one of those recipes worth knowing for any holiday, or no reason at all too.

A Halloween treat that tastes like Fall. Can be found on the Sarah Kirby blog.

18🎃Vegan Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Filled with jam and actually easy.

Honestly it is very easy to make considering the effect they make. For a second you don’t know if you can actually bite them. Grisly.

Absolutely one of my favorites. And this recipe from the Bear Plate made it so easy it’s scary.

19🎃Vegan Chocolate Spiderweb Cupcakes

Have you noticed that the colorful spiders on top are rings? How cool is that! And it is even possible to find he ones that glow on the dark.

But the chocolate spiderweb on its on, on top of the vanilla frosting, makes for a nice cupcake already. Great option if you are going for the more sober kind of the decor. Simple and classy.

The frosting is an specially nice vegan recipe too. All can be found on the Sarah Bakes GFree blog.

20🎃Vegan Venus Fly Trap Cupcake

Can we appreciate just how simple yet impressive is that?!

One of the most creative cupcakes I have seen. Strawberry with teeth!

Not to mention that this recipe is from Allergy Awesomeness, totally safe. Your kid won’t crave store bought no more.

21🎃Vegan Monster Cupcakes

These chocolate chunk mouths just kill me!

And the idea of Dilan And Me to play with the number of eyes is so fun too. To make it even more fun we can have a bowl of chocolate already broken and candy (hello, is Halloween) and let everyone pick their monster’s mouth.

An on-the-spot little DIY is bound to be fun.

22🎃Vegan Charcoal Protein Cupcakes

I do have a thing for black and white, I know.

These cupcakes from Strippd. are minimalist, easy and make for such a nice Halloween table. And it is always nice to have a low key decoration option.

An all black and white decoration can be a nice and quick fix if you were not prepared for the party.


✔Wait for your cupcakes to completely cool down before frosting or decorating in any way

✔Play around with your tools, or the lack of them. Ziplock bag can be a perfect pipping bag

✔Pre heat your oven, unless the recipe tells you specifically otherwise

✔Get an air-tight container for when you’re not serving your baked goods

✔Attention to labels, specially when baking with allergy concerns

In need of something cute, spooky and savory this Halloween? 13 Vegan Halloween Savory Treats.

Want some more sweet Halloween inspiration? 20 Vegan Halloween Dessert Treats.

Thanks and hope you can now make the most of the spooky night👻

With gratitude,


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