About Me

About me?

I am Carol. Passionate about dancing, photography, my dog, books, Pilates, making my own clothes and FOOD.

Shall we share some fulfilling, easy, healthy and delicious and creative vegan recipes?

However, it wasn’t always like that. At least not when it came to food. From my early pre-teen years I fell on every food trap under the sun. And I have dragged all these bad habits and experiences for way too long.

Living and learning…I finally decided that maybe eating like a normal person would be the way to go.

Vegan diet?

This search for change brought me to Veganism and here I am today. Happier, healthier and still in the mood for learning.

What to expect from me?

I am no specialist. Just been there, done that and want to share. What I do regarding food now?

🌶Focus on adding, not eliminating.

🌶Focus on learning, not following.

🌶Eating well, results will follow.

If you want to eat well, worry less, be more aware and in control, we will get each other just fine. Let’s add more to our plate, and spice it up!

Thank you so much for making this far.

With a lot of gratitude,


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