vegan oat bars on a wooden tray
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Oat Bars – Healthy Vegan Easy Banana Oat Bars – No Flour Oil Sugar

These have to be the easiest, most delicious, super-healthy whole grain oat bars. This cereal bar is sugar-free, vegan, honey-free, gluten-free and lactose-free. The coolest thing is that this banana cereal bar only has 2 required ingredients! They are surprisingly good just with banana and oats. This vegan banana oat bar is totally wholesome and […]

vegan omelette in a pan with onions, peppers and tomatoes
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Vegan Omelette – Chickpeas Recipe – Healthy – Super Easy – No Flour

There are a lot of vegan omelette recipes out there. And that’s great, isn’t it? Going vegan and having MORE options. So I’m not apologizing for showing you yet another option for your brunch, breakfast, picnic, lunch or dinner. Let’s just talk about the advantages of this omelette recipe. These vegan omelette have a great […]