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Vegan Chocolate Truffles with Chickpeas Flour – Easy Simple Fuss-Free

Vegan Chocolate Truffles made with Chickpeas Flour that taste like….well, CHOCOLATE!

Not at all like a healthy dessert. It actually tastes like you used 3 types of chocolate inside, instead of only a couple of spoons of cocoa.

So, we have amazing taste, we have healthy and gluten-free and we also get a great texture. Chewy that becomes melt-in-the-mouth.

All that you need to know now is how simple and easy this vegan dessert really is.ā¬‡

The Ingredients

ingredients to make vegan chocolate truffles with chickpea flour
  • Chickpea Flour: no substitutions here, it has to be this one for the texture to be achieved.
  • Almond Milk: you can use another plant milk, however I would give priority to the thicker ones like almond, soy, oat.
  • Coconut Oil: it might be okay to swap for another oil that goes well with sweets but I haven’t tried.
  • Cocoa: I use 100% pure cocoa.
  • Sweetener: I have used Fructose here but you can swap for Demerara sugar. It will take about 30% more.
  • Sprinkles: the truffles taste like chocolate so you can be extra creative with what you cover them with. I’m using crushed pistachios here. A little tip I can give is to toast a bit any nuts for a couple of minutes on a frying pan.

How to Make Vegan Chocolate Truffles with Chickpeas Flour

The texture we are looking for is achieved when the mixture is completely loose from the pan.ā¬‡

That’s when we can be sure the chickpeas flour is completely cooked.

Now is just letting it cool, molding the balls and rolling over your sprinkles of choice.

tray filled with vegan chocolate truffles with chickpeas covered in crushed pistachios

Although they are already delicious I highly recommend some fridge (or freezer) time to achieve Vegan Chocolate Truffles perfection. At least half an hour.

And since you are already here, allow me to share with you my other delicious and super easy truffles.

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Vegan Chocolate Truffles with Chickpea Flour – Easy Simple Fuss-Free

Recipe by Carol MarsolaCourse: Dessert, SnacksDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time


Cooling time



Vegan Chocolate Truffles with Chickpeas Flour that taste likeā€¦CHOCOLATE! Not like a healthy dessert. Simple, easy, healthy and DELICIOUS!


  • 7.1 oz (200ml) Almond Milk

  • 1 cup Chickpea Flour

  • 2 tablespoons Coconut OIl

  • 2 tablespoons Cocoa powder, unsweetened

  • 1/4 cup Sweetener, I’ve used Fructose


  • Mix the coconut oil and chickpea flour. Place in a non-sticking pan over low heat and mix until the flour is slightly golden brown.
    You’ll be pressing the flour lumps more than mixing, but that’s normal.
  • Once this is done, add the sugar and cocoa and continue stirring to mix the ingredients. Don’t worry about lumps, you’ll still have them but the first step should take away the floury taste.
    However continue to mix energetically to minimize them.
  • Over the lowest heat possible, add the almond milk and continue stirring non-stop so that the milk incorporates into the dry ingredients.
  • Keep mixing until the mixture begins to loose from the pan. When this happens, spread the mixture on a plate and let it cool.
  • You can roll the truffles as soon as they are cool to touch.
    I don’t use anything but you can wet your hands with water or coconut oil if you need.
    Damp hands help specially if your sprinkles are dry.


  • Please check The Ingredients section of the post for possible substitutions.

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